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1 December 2010

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12 July 2010

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5 October 2009

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art nouveau stair case
28 October 2008

Recent Comments on late_summer_day_naz_old_neighborhood
بهار جان تهران میاین؟

MagentaStudios on late_summer_day_naz_old_neighborhood
I miss toronto so much :( I don't know why I do this to myself haha .. Great work btw~!

sázky on late_summer_day_naz_old_neighborhood
great shot, exellent work. BRAVO

photo sur toile on Weird tree!
Superb black and white photo, the textures are beautiful and I love the subject.

Sérgio Pontes on after_halloween
Nice photo, i like it

Cindy on Weird tree!
I have seen a tree simular to this in my home town. The stoary I heard growing up was this; There was a witch who they ...

tulip on late_summer_day_naz_old_neighborhood

Sarah on taste_fall_color
Lovely autumn photo!

Sarah on Friday
Fantastic shot!

Sarah on Friday_looking
A lovely and sweet photo!

SOUL AFLAME on Cool down
Great perspective here, has me in youre place with the cool water soothing my feet. Great composition and capture of ...

Metti on this_within_that_within_this
Magical image... I love it ;)

Metti on a_home_on_water
Very beautiful shot... I like it 5*****

Becky on the building_water
This is spectacular. A great image.

Macrobaby on the building_water
Interesting reflections

KriKridesign on the building_water
Water's day? ;-)) great for a warm sunny summer day!

fereshteh on Colorful fall
WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! nice

fereshteh on sun_II

Sabine (foKuspoint) on sun_II
This photo caught my interest on vfxy. You have some cool photos on your blog.

Dana on balcony_flakes_forms_chime
Lovely shot, with the dangler echoing the triangular rooflines. But a bit wintery for summer, no?

Farnaaz on balcony_flakes_forms_chime
Beautiful lines and shadows . Nice shapes .

Céline on Spadina_faceless_commute
great shot, love the blur motion, as well as the b&w. Nice compo :)

KriKridesign on Spadina_faceless_commute
yes, this is great!

POBSB on Spadina_faceless_commute
great shot

Farnaaz on Spadina_faceless_commute
Very impressive .. a little bitter but absolutely real . I love it so much .

sahar on their_house_wind chime
great job che fekre jalebi:)

Tim on Beach_cold water_clouds
beautiful shot. nicely framed :)

Giovanni on robarts_snow_bikes_traces
Excellent composition! Love it!

Harry Snowden on robarts_snow_bikes_traces
It's perfect

GHASEM on Lavij
Yes, very beautiful. I love the lavij, because I live there

zahra on lines_refelection_sunset
wow,che khobe.

kostas on lines_refelection_sunset
Hello Bahar,its a great image,your architectural eye in its best.

photo editing service on IMG_0182
A great photo essay!

Sona on .
Like this a lot!

angel on IMG_0182
wow:) bravo bahar ...

Toomaj on woosh_woosh_plash
great! this is an inspiring idea,,,

k@ on whose_baby
:) great capture

Calusarus on whose_baby
Whose sleeper ? :-)

Calusarus on psy_feet
A nice treatment

Calusarus on O
The wooden (?) shape is very nice…

Calusarus on blow_wind_weightless
Very nice blur…

301 on blow_wind_weightless
very good

Still on amsterdam
An original framing!

mahssa on The Leap
awesome and stunning!

Calusarus on amsterdam
A very nice vision on this city. Unusual but so obvious…

Diane - Daily Walks on night_bike_paris_noush
So many of your images feel very large and panoramic; this one is no exception! Wonderful play of light and shadow ...

Diane - Daily Walks on back_seat_red_play
Wonderful sense of play and discovery. Love the creativity in this one!

Still on stairs_louvre
A beautiful perspective.

Angelo on bubbles_window_reflection
Beautiful! It looks like you are shooting bubbles out of your camera...

zecarlos on Nice_at_night
Excellent shot.

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